Five perks of straight teeth

Low self-esteem and poor dental health can result from crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and other malocclusions (the improper alignment of the teeth while the jaws are closed). If you frequently hide your smile, feel self-conscious about your teeth, or experience chronic oral health problems like cavities, gum disease, or poor breath, it is time to consider Invisalign or braces.

Are you prepared to begin your path to a whiter, more attractive smile? These five advantages of straight teeth can be enjoyed whether you use regular braces or invisible aligners to get there:

1. Healthier Teeth

It’s challenging to clean your teeth if you have a malocclusion. Teeth that are close together or overlap can contain harmful germs, which lead to plaque build-up. If left untreated for a few days, tartar, cavities, gum disease, bad breath, dental pain, discolouration, tooth loss, and numerous other oral health problems can occur.

If you follow a good dental hygiene regimen, straightening your teeth will produce a healthier smile. Because they are evenly spaced and precisely aligned, straight teeth are simpler to brush and floss. Ask our dentist for advice if you have any queries about the ideal dental hygiene regimen!

2. Stronger Teeth

Teeth are strong when they are in good health. Did you know that the body’s most rigid substance is dental enamel? The fact that they can withstand a lot of wear and pressure does not imply that they are impenetrable. However, teeth are considerably more prone to chipping, cracks, and other types of wear and tear when bacteria from plaque weaken the enamel.

You are less likely to suffer from wear and tear or tooth injury because stronger teeth are healthier.

3. Better gum health

When you clean your teeth, do your gums ever bleed? This is not normal. The early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. Plaque develops and turns into tartar when you cannot properly clean along your gum line due to crowded teeth. As tartar builds up, bacteria-filled pockets form at the gum line. If left untreated, this may result in pain, irritability, loose teeth, and tooth loss.

Because they cannot clean their teeth effectively, people with crowded or misaligned teeth get gum disease. With brushing and flossing, it is much simpler to eliminate plaque from the gum line when teeth are straight.

Call our office immediately to make an appointment if your gums are bleeding or swollen. With a routine or deep dental cleaning, gingivitis can be reversed.

4. Lower Chance of Jaw Problems

When you bite down, your upper and lower teeth are not properly aligned if you have a malocclusion. You are more likely to experience jaw problems like jaw pain, TMJ dysfunction, teeth grinding, discomfort when eating, and more due to this tension on the jaw. You can moreover endure migraines, vertigo, earaches, and trouble sleeping as a result of jaw problems. By reducing the strain on your jaw, teeth straightening with braces or invisible aligners might ease your pain and suffering.

5. Enhanced Self-Belief and Confidence

We are all aware that one of the first things people notice about us is our smile and teeth because it is also one of the first things we see about other people! For people who are self-conscious about their teeth, this can be a frightening idea.

Because you don’t want to bring attention to your teeth, you could discover that you cover your mouth when you laugh, smile with your mouth closed, or hold back in connections, at work, and in other areas of your life. If this is the case for you, having straight teeth could significantly improve your quality of life!

Your initial impression, your communication, and your overall self-confidence can all be improved by having straight teeth.

Start today on the path to having straight teeth

Call our dental practice in Surrey to arrange an initial consultation before you start the teeth-straightening procedure. We’ll discuss your smiling desires, inspect your teeth to identify the best course of action, and walk you through the process. We will start by taking care of any cavities, gum disease, or tooth grinding you may have right now.

Once your mouth is in good shape, we can start the orthodontic process. We want to see you reach your smile objectives as fast and effectively as possible so you may enjoy all the advantages of straight teeth.