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Is tooth whitening a safe procedure?

As we age, our teeth get stained due to various causes like drinking, eating or simply getting older. However, there is no reason to sacrifice your smile, as you can have that beautiful white smile again, as teeth whitening methods are here for our service.

What Causes Stains on Your Teeth?

To choose the best method to whiten your teeth, first, you must know the reason for tooth staining:

  • Incorrect brushing practices result in the build-up of tartar.
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking dark drinks like wine, coffee, and the cola
  • Trauma or grinding of teeth
  • More than required fluoride exposure

Whitening your teeth – what are your options?

There are many teeth whitening products available on the market that you can purchase at the chemist’s shop or on the internet. They’re sure to be simple and cost-effective alternatives, but they’re not as efficient as our more advanced techniques. Talk to our dentist about teeth whitening options, and they will offer you proper consultation to help you whiten your teeth. The kits are high-quality and safe to use, provided that you follow the directions offered by our dentist.

Dental Care: Why You Should See One

It is suggested to make an appointment with our dentist to have them examine the teeth and recommend the best treatment, such as bleaching or whitening. If a skilled dentist performs the bleaching treatment, it is safe to know that you’re in the good hands of a professional. There’s no risk of the whitening substance being applied to the gums if the experts do their work correctly. Additionally, a higher bleach concentration may cause gum irritation, so using gel with the appropriate equipment is crucial. Tooth sensitivity could be a typical consequence of bleaching products for teeth. It is essential to talk with the dentist to first look at the tooth damage and then apply a high fluoride concentration a few days before the treatment.

You can be assured that you will receive high-quality dental treatment from our experts. Book your consultation with our dentists today to ensure you get proper dental care and start your teeth whitening journey!

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