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Whether through accident, trauma, or simple misdemeanour, we can all experience a chipped tooth. In fact, chipped, broken, or otherwise stained teeth are a common dental woe we see quite regularly, but there is one treatment that is suitable to treat all three of these concerns.

Porcelain veneers are a diverse cosmetic dentistry treatment that blends a problem tooth back into your natural smile. Using tooth-coloured porcelain that is cut, shaped, and shaded to your natural teeth, a veneer reintroduces uniformity to your smile again. A strong dental adhesive is placed to hold the veneer in place so that you can smile, laugh, and talk with confidence.

The porcelain veneer acts as sort of a cap that sits on top of your affected tooth. The tooth is prepared by shearing a thin layer from the surface, which creates a rough area better for the glue to stick to. It protects the tooth underneath while boosting the resilience of your existing natural teeth.

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Who is suitable for veneers?

Because veneers are a cover for your teeth they sit just below your gum-line. This means that we’ll check your gums for any signs of gum disease before placing the veneers. We can discuss all of this at your consultation, but for anyone who is experiencing a chipped, broken, or discoloured tooth then you might just benefit from veneers.

Why are they made out of porcelain?

Porcelain is a strong, durable, yet lightweight material that allows for full mouth function after it is placed. It is also thin enough that light can penetrate it, allowing the natural colouring of your tooth beneath the cap to shine through. This gives it a more lifelike and natural appearance, so your treatment blends subtly into your smile.

What do veneers treat?

A chipped tooth, whether through sports injury or accident, is an ideal candidate for veneers. Equally so, malformed teeth such as ‘peg teeth’ can be treated with veneers, as can discoloured or irreversibly stained teeth. For example, a ‘dead tooth’, a tooth of a grey-ish hue that has lost nerve and blood supply, can be covered by a veneer to seamlessly camouflage this discolouration. In general, if you are unhappy with your teeth’s appearance then veneers could be a viable treatment option for you. We can explore all of this at your initial consultation and set you on the best treatment journey for your individual needs.

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