Tooth Whitening

We offer the very latest in teeth whitening from Pola.

It has now superseded Laser whitening involving bright lamps and strong chemicals. Our patients have been satisfied with the results, and we are achieving optimal results without the pain and sensitivity.

We also offer at home whitening which is a very effective and stable way of whitening teeth.

Brighter, whiter, healthier looking teeth using Pola.

Staining and tooth discolouration, despite our best efforts, can happen to us all. Certain lifestyle habits like drinking tea and coffee, smoking, and even just the natural tide of ageing all take their toll on teeth’s whiteness.

We use some of the latest technology in tooth whitening, Pola, to deliver brilliant results for our patients. Suitable even for sensitive teeth, completely painless, and laser-free, Pola teeth whitening achieves some of the fastest results without using harsh chemicals. The whitening agent used doesn’t affect your gums, but safely breaks down stubborn stains present on the surface of the teeth.

Our in-office teeth whitening treatment produces fantastic results in just 30 minutes. We also offer at-home tooth whitening to maintain your results, promoting healthier looking and feeling teeth from the comfort of your own home.

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How does tooth whitening work?

Using whitening agents and safe concentrations of bleach, this treatment penetrates the teeth’s enamel that houses these stubborn stains. They attack and break down the staining into colourless molecules that are then flushed away by the mouth’s natural processes. This leaves the tooth surface whiter, brighter, and far cleaner-looking!

What causes teeth staining?

Staining occurs when dark pigments stick to the surfaces of your teeth and aren’t cleaned away properly. Drinks like coffee and tea, for example, contain tannins that are dark and rich in organic pigment. These pigments latch onto your enamel, creating patches of discolouration. Smoking also causes staining through the chemicals the teeth encounter, so it’s best to cut down on any excessive caffeine consumption or smoking habits.

How can I maintain my whitening results at home?

At-home tooth whitening kits are available from us for safe and regulated use. A good hygiene routine will also be vastly beneficial to your whitening results, so remember to brush, floss, and use an antiseptic mouthwash for healthy teeth!

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